New Canaan Softball, New Canaan Girls Softball

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 Practice 2: AA/AAA Practice Schedule 4/18



  • 5:10-5:30- Girls Arriving - attendance, short throw warm ups while others arrive, bring it in. Circle up - pass the name to remind others/coaches of names and what they did over vacation ice breaker. Warm Up Stretches/running


  • 5:30p-5:45p Throwing/Catching Drill: Show and remind the girls the proper way to throw and catch a ball. Pair the girls up based on their skill/ability if you see someone may hurt someone else. Walk up and down the line working with each girl.


STATIONS: Each team takes a turn at a station and rotates every 15 minutes over the course of 5:45-6:30


  • STATION 1: Fielding Drills -Put a girl at first base, put the rest of the girls at shortstop-taking time to TEACH/REMIND THEM ABOUT THE POSITIONS, hit a grounder and have the fielder throw it to first base. Eventually, have 1-2 girls run to first with helmets on when you hit the ball to show the urgency of throwing them out.


  • STATION 2: Hitting Drills against the dugout fence-helmets on: Set up 2-3 tees so that girls are not sitting around too much. Switch from hitting off the tees to soft toss.


  • STATION 3: Over the head ball drop to practice hand eye coordination. Coach stands on the top bleacher with a bucket of whiffle balls. All players stand below in a straight line. Divide girls up equally. Coach drops  whiffle balls down the line for them to catch. The team that catches the most balls, wins.


6:30-6:45p: Fun Skill Game - Run the bases relay. Place two girls on each plate, start one team at home and one at second base (so as to not cause a collision). On the whistle, the girls run and tag the relay person at the next base, until the final players reach their last teammate. Rotate the next group of eight in until everyone has gone through.

**Pitchers Break Off at some point and Go With Robin for 30 minutes of instruction. After they’ve thrown a few to warm up. Identify 2-4  girls per team to go with Robin. Start to put girls in catcher’s gear at some point in the practice time as well.