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Little League All Stars

At the end of each rec season we have the opportunity to enter into the National Little League “All Stars” Tournament at the 14u, 12u, and 10u age groups (players with birth years ranging from 2003 to 2008).

The girls selected will represent New Canaan Little League and compete against other town All Star teams at the end of our spring rec season in an elimination format starting with the "District" Tournament. The winning team will then advance accordingly to the Sectionals, States, Regionals, and National World Series if they manage to win each pool. In recent years, New Canaan teams have advanced to Sectionals at the 12u and States at the 14u levels.
The spring rec season coaches will select players in their respective division based on the player’s eligibility, capability, and availability. Further, we can only send a team for a division when enough players register and adults meeting Little League criteria are available and willing to coach. Coaches will be selected per instruction of the Board. Player and coach selections will be communicated in the first week of June and practices will begin thereafter. We anticipate minimal overlap with the rec season. Tournament play begins with the District tournament, which is typically held the last week of June or the first week of July (dates have not been finalized). For planning purposes you can assume it’s a mid-June through third week of July commitment.
If you are interested in your daughter being considered by the coaches for selection to the All Star team in her respective age group, or you are interested in being considered for selection to an all-star coaching team, you will be able to register them at the end of May each season.
Within the registration please remember to:
 Provide us with your player’s availability between mid-June through July (i.e. any vacations or planned trips during that period that the coaches need to consider).
Provide your player's jersey size and top 2 jersey number preferences.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Robin Biasotti
Jess Connolly

NC Pride!


Little League Travel


New Canaan Travel Softball


12u and 10u travel opportunities for girls born in

2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009


  • Tryout dates for all players for one of the 12u and 10u travel teams are Tuesday, 7/31 OR Monday, 8/27. Choose one date to attend. 10u tryouts are 6-7p and 12u are 7-8pm on Waveny Park's Orchard Field. There will be a mandatory parent meeting following selections.

  • Goal is to have two 12u and two 10u teams to support a long-term town travel organization, facilitate competitive all-star teams, and develop a strong high school program.

  • Play local games and local, countywide & statewide tournaments primarily in the fall 2018, spring and summer 2019.

  • Professional and volunteer-led winter workouts, uniforms, tournament costs and equipment included in fee of approximately $1,000-1,200 per player.

  • Town travel players are required to participate in the NCSB Recreation League during the Spring season.


Travel Time Commitment Throughout the Year


Off, Tryouts

September - November

1-3 events (practices and games) on weekends.

1-2 Tournaments

Final Tryout for open spots



January - February

Team indoor clinic at local facility 1x/week.

Pitchers have additional 1x/week.

March- May

Rec team practice & game schedule plus one additional travel event per week.

June - July*


*This is our most active season*

Rec ends first week of June, travel season begins.

Players will be assigned to a travel team within their division (assuming participation and commitment are at levels to sustain two teams). One travel team will play strictly tournaments and "friendlies", the other team will play in the Little League All-Star Tournament until eliminated, and will then proceed with a travel season to include tournaments and "friendlies".


Tournament team: Two practices per week and weekend doubleheaders/tournaments for team not playing in all-star tournament. Schedule is set in advance, little disruption expected.


All-Star team (may include non-travel players from our rec program): while in all-star tournament expect 3-4 practices/week for 2 weeks, then tournament schedule per Little League. If all-star team exits the Little League tournament prior to end of July, remainder of season will be filled in with tournaments and games. It is impossible to provide a schedule far in advance. All families participating on this team should expect to be available every day. This team will expect a complete commitment from all players for the duration of the summer season.


What is Travel Softball?

There are primarily two types of travel programming: Town Travel and Elite Travel.


Elite Travel teams are not part of the programming of any particular town and are free to take players from any location.


NCSB is in support of Town Travel. Many successful area softball programs and our town baseball program take this approach. Town Travel works in conjunction with the Recreation Program, allowing players who participate to have a more competitive experience of travel, while still being able to play with their peers and friends at the recreation level. Town Travel programs often have practice and game schedules just as full and competitive as Elite Travel teams, with the exception that they slow down during the spring season to allow their players to participate in the town recreation program. Often Town Travel programs are limited to resident players, although some towns combine when they have very limited numbers, and some towns allow players from outside to participate if they have a particular “hole in the roster”.


Why Town Travel?

One of the main reasons many towns in our area desire to promote a Town Travel program is to provide their players the chance to be competitive in the Little League All-Star tournament that takes place every summer. Town Travel prepares players for this higher competition. Selection to the All-Star team (which is not directly based on Town Travel participation) is a source of pride for the player. Success in the tournament is a source of pride for the league and our town.

Another reason NCSB is in support of a Town Travel program is to provide our most committed and talented players a sense of community pride and team spirit that will follow them into high school and prepare them for the excitement and competition of FCIAC and State tournaments.


Travel Softball in New Canaan


To build a strong foundation for all-stars and our high school program, the best approach is to create two teams at each division, one made up of primarily older, more skilled girls and the second team of primarily younger, emerging skilled players. Many towns in our area do this and therefore we will be able to find appropriate competition at each level. As the travel program grows and continues, the older girls from one division become the younger ones at the next level, and the younger ones move up in their same division. There may be outliers one way or another with placement of individual players, but overall this is how the program will work.


Selection Process

If interest warrants, NCSB will hold a tryout with multiple evaluators both familiar and unfamiliar with players in this age group. Ideally, we will select 12 players for each team.


Playing Time

Town Travel at this age will endeavor to help each player find the positions that suit her most and become familiar with the key skills needed there, at least one in the infield and one in the outfield. Although playing time will not be equal, all players will be given opportunities in each game to contribute to their team and enhance their physical and mental game. While skill and ability will have a direct impact on playing time, it cannot be stressed enough that effort, commitment, and attitude will all be factors weighed heavily in creating the lineup for each game.


8U and 14U

If enough dedicated players show interest at these age groups, teams may form in the spring for summer play 2019.


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