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New Canaan Softball is the subset of New Canaan Baseball/Softball Inc whose members are dedicated to the sport of Softball in the Town of New Canaan.  In an effort to continue to build a program which develops players and coaches, love of the game, and fun on the field with friends, NCSB has affiliated with Little League and the local league of Darien in the AAA through Juniors divisions to offer a competitive, local, multi-season program which gives our girls a pathway to playing for New Canaan High School (FCIAC Champions 2013) or a private HS.

Ages and Divisions

Note: Offerings are limited by the volunteer coach/manager pool in any season.  Please volunteer to expand our program and spend time with your daughters.

Each girl’s "League age" is computed based on their age as of December 31, 2016.

New Canaan Softball has aligned our Divisions to enhance the skills and aptitude of our players at all ages and development levels. Our younger divisions are grade-based, providing for positive social interactions with classmates and ease of scheduling with other sports. Our older divisions are age and ability based, consistent with other national softball programs. Grouping players of similar ability provides the greatest developmental environment for our players while also maximizing safety. Players are registered according to age. Players aged 8-14 will participate in an evaluation session in March to facilitate player drafts and team selection. 


The following is a quick guide to determine a player’s league eligibilities. Detailed descriptions of each of the Divisions can be found in the "Divisions Overview" in the menu above.

Player Age

Grade/Birth Dates

Softball League Options

All girls in K



All girls in 1st

1st Grade2


All girls in 2nd

2nd Grade3

A or AA


Born in 20084



Born in 20075

AAA or Minors


Born in 20066

AAA, Minors or Majors


Born in 20057

Minors or Majors


Born in 20048

Majors or Juniors


Born in 20039



Born in 20029



Notes regarding Divisions:

1. Girls in Kindergarten, most all of whom will have been born in 2011, will play in Softball Tee Ball.

2. Girls in first grade, most all of whom will have been born in 2010, will play in A softball.

3. Girls in second grade, most all of whom will have been born in 2009, will play in A or AA.

4. Girls born in 2008 will play in AA or AAA.

5. Girls born in 2007 may try out for Minors. Those not selected for Minors will play in AAA.

6. Girls born in 2006 may try out for Majors, though it is unlikely that more than a few would be selected for Majors.     Subject to our ability to find enough managers in Minors, those girls born in 2006 who are not selected for Majors will play in Minors.

7. Girls born in 2005 may try out for Majors. Those not selected for Majors will play in Minors.

8. Most girls born in 2004 will play in Majors. Depending on the number of girls who sign up for Juniors, there may be an opportunity for girls born in 2004 to try out for Juniors. We will not know how many girls born in 2004, if any, can be accommodated in Juniors until March, when registration is complete.

9. All girls born in 2002 and 2003 will play in Juniors.